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Google's DeepMind AI will take on a Go champ tomorrow night

Tune in at 10:30PM ET for the first of five Go matches between AlphaGo and Lee Se-Dol.
Lee Se-Dol (C), a legendary South Korean player of Go - a board game widely played for centuries in East Asia - poses with Google Deepmind head Demis Hassabis (L) and Eric Schmidt (R), the executive chairman of Google owner Alphabet JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images

Google's DeepMind AI is already the first computerized system to best a champion Go player, and you can watch its next big game in less than 24 hours. The AlphaGo program will take on Lee Se-dol in the first match (of a planned five game series) at the Four Seasons hotel in Seoul, Korea tomorrow, at 1PM local time (10:30PM ET). The match will be broadcast live on YouTube, and you can find the stream right here.

If you prefer a 24/7-style run up to the bout, there's video online describing the development of AlphaGo and also of its victory over 3-time European champ Fan Hui. Lee is one of the top ranked players in the world, and has said he expects to win 5 - 0, or perhaps 4 - 1. At stake is a $1 million prize, which AlphaGo will donate to charity if it wins. The game is expected to take 4 - 5 hours, so you should still be able to tune in even if you're not on at exactly 10:30.

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