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ICYMI: Smart pill dispenser, Kodak's new app and more

Kodak is bringing back Moments with a display that tugs at your heartstrings.

Today on In Case You Missed It: Kodak is launching a new app at SXSW for friends and family to share their key moments with one another, and according to the company, it's free of ads and data collection or tracking. It's promoting the new social platform by touring with an interactive display that takes a moment you love from your camera roll, having you describe it out loud so a team of people behind a curtain can curate the things you said about that photo and set it to music -- all while you watch it spin in a kaleidescope-like room full of mirrors.

Meanwhile IBM showed what sort of work its cognitive computing system Watson can give to professional bike riders by creating a VR experience that mimics a race across America.

And the medical tech area at SXSW showcased the Hero smart pill dispenser plus a wine filtering stick designed to allow people who get headaches from red wine to drink it pain-free.

Finally, our last SXSW show from the road is wrapping up in the best of Austin ways: With a pedicab tour of the city and tacos. We had tuna tacos with Thor the wonder biker, which we can't recommend enough. And as always, please share any interesting science or tech videos, anytime! Just tweet us with the #ICYMI hashtag to @mskerryd.

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