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Sky opens 'Q' TV orders to everyone

You no longer need Sky broadband.

Sky is back with a revamped TV platform called Sky Q, which introduces a series of new set-top boxes and a much-needed software overhaul. Until now, orders have been limited to UK customers with a Sky broadband package, however starting today the platform is available to everyone. So if you have an existing internet bundle with BT or Virgin Media, you can still order Sky Q and get an installation "in the coming weeks."

If this particular route interests you, bear in mind that there are a few caveats. A Sky Q Hub is required, for instance, to turn your remaining Sky Q boxes into WiFi repeaters. That's maybe not a deal-breaker, but it's worth bearing in mind if you're after the "complete" Sky Q experience. If you're still sold on the idea, you can pick a package now from £42 per month.

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