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Netflix will premiere 'The Little Prince' in the US

The animated movie was supposed to premiere in cinemas today, but now it's direct to streaming.

It looks like Netflix is now snapping up new foreign films for domestic distribution. The video-on-demand service will premiere the French-made animation The Little Prince in the US, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Paramount was supposed to release the newest adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupery's novella in US theaters today, March 18th, but last week it suddenly dropped those plans. Why? Well, the movie studio never explained and even the movie's director could only say that it would be released later this year.

Take note that the film isn't only critically acclaimed, it also seemed to do well financially, grossing around $100 million outside the US. Plus, it features the voices of some well-known actors, including Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, James Franco and Marion Cotillard. Whatever the reason is, Netflix is the chosen avenue of delivery for all viewers in the States who want to see the CGI/stop-motion offering. Too bad you won't be able to watch it on a big screen -- unless you have a gargantuan TV -- and it won't arrive on the streaming service until later this year. But at least one month of Netflix only costs $8.99, and you can play it again and again for the kids.

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