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Yahoo Mail upgrades link previews with playable video

It can now play audio, too.

Yahoo Mail just made its link previews on desktop richer and more informative. When you paste a URL into the body of your email, you'll now get a preview card that contains not only a snapshot of the website, but also the author's name, if applicable. In case the link points to a hotel website, you'll see prices in the card. Even better, if it's a link to a video or an audio clip on YouTube, SoundCloud, Tumblr or Vimeo (among other services), you can play it within the email itself. Not to mention, you can post the links to Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter through the new Share button at the top right corner of the image.

Those are all cool upgrades if you're a fan of the feature, but if you think emails filled with large previews look obnoxious, Yahoo also has something for you. The Mail team is also giving you the power to choose the snapshots' sizes and locations. So if you want to put the smallest possible previews at the bottom of your email just to appease your friends, that's now perfectly possible.

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