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Yahoo stops daily fantasy sports contests in New York

The company has also expanded its efforts toward making competitions more fair.

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Ezra Shaw via Getty Images

Yahoo is following the lead of DraftKings and FanDuel and stopping its paid daily fantasy sports operations in New York. Reuters reports that this shutdown won't affect other states, however.

Meanwhile, Yahoo has issued a press release detailing its new initiative, Fair Play. It's a set of guidelines that'll supposedly level the playing field. In part, that's by designating veteran players from the rest of the community with a special badge. indicating who's entered over 1,000 contests in a year or those who've come out on top 65 percent of the time in as few as 250 contests. Another qualification for that badge is if you've won a $1,000 prize more than three times in a year.

Taking the balancing aspect further, Yahoo will place some limits on how many entries a given person can toss into a single contest (that'd be 10 total) and "in no event can a single user's entries make up more than one percent of total entries in a contest." Oh, and any sort of bots or scripting tools for uploading or editing your entries are prohibited as well.

Yahoo says that it launched Fair Play at the behest of of its "tens of millions" of fans who were clamoring for a more transparent and trustworthy experience. Whether the government agrees is another matter entirely.

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