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Scientists find more evidence that Planet Nine exists

And it's another Kuiper Belt Object that's behaving strangely.

It took us almost 50 years to get a close look at Pluto, so we think it's safe to say humanity has to wait a while before we can catch a glimpse of Planet Nine. In fact, we still have to prove that it really does exist. Mike Brown, who played a key role in the downgrade of Pluto, has reported that there's new evidence of a ninth planet. Brown and his colleague Konstantin Batygin inferred the celestial body's existence based on the movements of several objects in the Kuiper Belt. Now, Brown tweeted a slide presented by SETI that shows yet another Kuiper Belt object whose movement is influenced by a large mass that could be the mysterious planet.

The KPO was spotted by the Canada France Hawaii Telescope, which was observing the skies for the Outer Solar System Origins Survey. As you can see in the slide below, the newly discovered KPO is orbiting near the other objects Brown reported in January. He also said that this new discovery "takes the probability of [Planet Nine] being a statistical fluke down to ~.001%." Scientists still have to find more evidence before they can confirm that there's truly another huge planet beyond Neptune orbiting the sun once every 10,000 years or so. We just hope nobody suggests or agrees to name it Planet McPlanetface when astronomers confirm its existence.

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