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Oculus Rift teardown reveals an easy-to-fix VR headset

You'll also learn more about how VR works.

Now that the finished version of the Oculus Rift is here, you might be wondering what's inside and how easily you can replace parts if something goes terribly wrong. You won't have to guess after today, though: the repair-it-yourself crew at iFixit has torn down the virtual reality headset. The production model isn't quite as easy to fix as the original developer version due to its "intricate design," but it's still accessible -- if an earpiece breaks, you might have a chance at replacing it on your own.

There aren't any big surprises inside, but the teardown is also a surprisingly effective way of learning about some of the mechanics involved in making VR work. It explains why the Rift's lenses are so oddly shaped (to increase immersion and alleviate eye strain), and why it's so easy to slip the headset on (springs in the headband). While we're still in the early days of high-end VR, it's evident that Oculus is aware of many of the potential problems.

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