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Verizon plans $20 upgrade fee, even if you paid for your new phone

Sprint and AT&T already do the same for users that change their phone.

Eyeing up the small but nimble iPhone SE? If you're on Verizon, you'll want to make the switch sooner rather than later. According to a memo leaked to MacRumors, the company is planning to introduce a $20 dollar upgrade fee, irrespective of whether you're paying full price for the phone upfront or own it outright. The memo says this fee is there to cover "our increasing support costs associated with customers switching their devices," which sounds incredibly suspect.

This fee would also come into effect if you bought your hypothetical new iPhone from Apple direct. Both Sprint and AT&T charge (up to $36 and $15, respectively) for their customers switching phones -- so unfortunately it's just another carrier wringing out money for whatever excuse it can. Check the full memo below.

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