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Adapter brings your own wireless gamepads to the NES

Retro Receiver works with everything from custom retro controllers to DualShocks and Wii remotes.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
04.25.16 in AV

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Wireless gamepads for the NES are nothing new (just ask anyone who bought an Akklaim Double Player), but what if you had your pick of controllers? Analogue and 8Bitdo want to make that happen. Their newly launched Retro Receiver lets you use a host of wire-free gamepads with Nintendo's classic console. You'll get the most authentic-feeling experience if you use one of 8Bitdo's peripherals, but the real party trick comes when you bring modern controllers into the fray -- you can use a Wii remote, a Wii U Pro Controller or even Sony's DualShock 3 or 4. Retro Receiver sells for $20, so it might be worth a go if you're determined to play some old-school Legend of Zelda without stringing an original controller across the room.

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