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Image credit: Screenshot: Anton Abramov

Instagram tests a monochromatic redesign

The iconic blue would go away in favor of black and white.
Screenshot: Anton Abramov

For all the changes that Instagram has seen in its short history, there have been certain mainstays: you could always count on a sea of blue, for one thing. However, you might have to get used to a different look before long. Anton Abramov has shown The Verge an in-testing redesign that would be considerably more subtle. It'd be dominated by black and white, with simpler icons. The finished product isn't quite as iconic, but also has virtually nothing to distract you from the photography -- pictures stick out like sore thumbs.

Instagram has confirmed that this is real, but it maintains that this is only a "design test" that only a small number of people can see. You might not ever see this look on your phone, and it could change significantly even if it does get the green light. Nonetheless, this shows that Instagram is determined to shake things up despite its rapid growth.

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