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Roaming within the EU has just become cheaper

Prior to charges being scrapped entirely next June.

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European decision-makers have been forcibly capping mobile roaming charges in the region for several years now. The last mandated reduction came into effect in July 2014, but today the European Commission has made calls, texts and megabytes that much cheaper once again. The maximum a carrier can now charge you for answering a voice call when you're roaming in another EU country is €0.0114 per minute. Similarly, €0.05 per minute for an outgoing call, €0.02 per SMS and €0.05 per megabyte are the maximum charges you can expect on top of what you'd pay at home.

The new roaming caps introduced today, alongside stricter European net neutrality rules, will also be the last such reduction. That's because from June 15th next year, the concept of roaming will cease to exist, at least among EU carriers and their customers. In the UK, Tesco Mobile is giving its users a transient taste of this level of freedom over the summer, by scrapping roaming charges across Europe until early September.

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