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Hello Kitty is the latest addition to 'Super Mario Maker'

The popular cat will run through those custom-made courses this week.
Billy Steele, @wmsteele
05.25.16 in AV

Nintendo has added new characters to its Super Mario Maker before, but this week the title gains another fan favorite. Starting tomorrow evening (May 26th), there will be a new Event Course for players in North America to complete, and doing so will unlock both Hello Kitty and My Melody has playable characters. If you live in Europe or Japan, the two new options will be available the morning of Friday, May 27th.

Hello Kitty's debut in the game follows the additions of Japanese band Babymetal last month. Earlier in May, Popo and Nana from the classic NES title Ice Climber made their way to the game as well. With the releases coming in such rapid succession, don't be surprised if we see more new additions in the weeks to come. For now, take a look at Hello Kitty in action in the video that follows.

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