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Blizzard deal lets you stream its games on Facebook Live

You won't have to jump through hoops to share your 'Overwatch' obsession.

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Blizzard is about to make it much, much easier to share your gaming exploits with the world. The developer has unveiled a deal with Facebook that will let you stream its games directly through Facebook Live -- you won't have to do much to broadcast your latest Overwatch marathon for your friends. There isn't a firm timeline for when this will be available, but it won't be limited to Overwatch when it arrives.

Appropriately, the pact introduces Facebook logins to Blizzard's games. You won't need to create a distinct account, in other words -- you can just use your Facebook details to sign up for World of Warcraft or log in to StarCraft II. The integration starts later this month in virtually all of Blizzard's titles.

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