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Apple hints at OS X rebrand in the App Store

"macOS" appeared in the guidelines and was quickly changed back to "Mac OS X."

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If you think about it, OS X isn't really a great name for Apple's Mac operating system. It was just meant to be the next OS after Mac OS 9, but because it has a nice round (roman) number and used all-new UNIX-based tech, Apple has stuck with the name for nigh on 17 years. According to the rumor mill and apparent slip-up on the App Store, that's about to change, however. It now seems likely that Apple will change OS X to macOS, essentially reverting to its pre-1999 naming scheme.

Twitter user Rob Hunt spotted the "macOS" on Apple's app subscription FAQ, and 9to5 Mac noticed that the company quickly changed it back to Mac OS X. That site also noticed that Apple used the moniker on OS X framework and environmental webpages earlier this year. Based on the change to the App Store, the betting is that Apple will announce the name change and reveal the first version of macOS at WWDC 2016, set to start on June 13th.

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