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PlayStation Vue comes to your Roku player

The platform is expanding to Android next week.

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Come next week, you'll be able to watch your PlayStation Vue programming from pretty much anywhere. Sony announced on Tuesday that the streaming platform is available on Roku devices and will roll out to the Android OS next week.

The now-nationwide Vue service is meant to replace (or at least heavily supplement) your existing cable subscription. By tying it to the Roku, Sony's giving its subscribers another way to ditch the cable company's set-top box. And with Vue coming to Android 4.4 next week (it's already available on iOS and works with Chromecast) users will be able to watch live television streams anywhere they've got an internet connection.

Vue comes in three package options: Access, which offers 55 channels for $30 a month; 70-channel Core for $35 and the 100-plus channel Elite package for $50. If you live in a major live local broadcast area, like the Bay Area or the NYC metro, those prices rise by $10. You can see what channels are available where at the Vue website.

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