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Celebrate 20 years of 'Quake' with a brand new game episode

Two decades later, id Software gives us all a reason to go back.

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Quake fans have plenty of reasons to celebrate these days. Wolfenstein: The New Order developer MachineGames is championing id Software's classic first-person shooter's 20th anniversary and offering fans a little something special in return: A brand new episode of the game, downloadable for free.

MachineGames is serving up the special episode for free via zipped RAR file that you'll need to extract into a new folder named "dopa" into Quake's main directory. To run the episode, you'll need to start up a new single-player game and launch the executable "dopa" file in the same folder and tear it up from there!

If you've never played Quake before, now's a great time to get into it, especially as it's part of the Steam Summer Sale and can be nabbed for as little as $2.50. You'll have the benefit of a whole other episode to play.

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