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5 Awesome Tech Conferences you need to Know About

cormac reynolds, @BrightonCormac

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The world of tech is one that waits around for no man, or no technology for that matter and as we all know the big changes are often showcased at the big global conferences. So, let's take a look at the big tech, marketing and consumer showcases that you should consider attending.


One of the premier marketing conferences in the world, UnGagged takes place twice in the year and on both sides of the Atlantic - in London and Las Vegas.

The conference really pushes the real life marketing agenda and takes great pride in showing those that attend the sort of marketing that works in real life and not just on paper. It has an array of top notch talent from the very best in a variety of fields within marketing. The very recent London conference featured Marcus Tandler and Marcus van den Beld among other prolific people in the field.

Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress claimed to be the biggest mobile event of 2016. It may have been, with over 2,000 exhibitors, panel discussions, keynotes, and thought leaderships workshops. Innovation and notable achievement in mobile space were recognised at the Global Mobile Awards programme. The Mobile World Congress conference had all the publicity it needed to claim it was the biggest event last year with the release of the LG G5, Samsung S7 Edge as well as a raft of other items at the show.


HustleCon began only three years ago, the idea being to help startups create successful businesses. It's a conference that threads between the techie and non techie attendee and has grown spectacularly in the last couple of years.

This conference is for the tech industry, but you don't need to be into the jargon. HustleCon strikes a balance that makes it a good environment for both techie and non-techie attendees. Previous attendees include Arum Kang and Matthew Brimer, both known for starting successful businesses with a low budget.

The NextGen Summit

The NextGen Summit's premier conference was held in 2015. This event is for millennial entrepreneurs. The NextGen Summit, with its corporate partners, including Verizon and Uber, helped startups raise over $1 million. In addition, the event produced dozens of partnerships. There were an estimated 17,000 live stream and in-person attendees at the conference. The program was headed by 19-year olds Justin Lafazan and Dylan Gambardella, the team "that can't legally drink". In 2016, the Summit promises the Deans of Admissions to the top 25 colleges, TIME 25 Most Influential Inventors and activists and Forbes 30 Under 30 Politicos.

Mobile Beat - Silicon Valley

This conference proves the marketing, technology, and media do mix. Technology is needed to create compelling marketing campaigns. And, technology drives the media. Technology, marketing, and media can work hand-in-hand.

Many media and marketing summits are scheduled this summer, like Mobile Beat in Silicon Valley. Mobile technology and marketing will be the main topic of discussion. The focal point will be the value of bots for media, developing technology within mobile apps to produce a better overall customer experience and how to increase brand interactions with consumers.

So, keep any eye out these could be well worth a look if you work or are intending on moving into this area.

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