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Abduct four pals for couch co-op in PS4's 'Alienation'

It's time to buy more controllers.

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What's better than mowing down (virtual) alien hordes with a buddy sitting right next to you? When it comes to video games, not much. That's why the fine Finnish folks at developer Housemarque are adding local co-op to the top-down, xenophobic shooter Alienation next week. Come July 5th, up to four players can join in on the same-screen mayhem according to a post on the studio's blog. That's not all either, because the update also brings in a competitive play system dubbed "leagues," and a pair of crushing new difficulty levels for the folks who could probably play the game with their eyes shut by now.

This doggie in the window is free, but if you want to show the Resogun developer some love with your wallet, there are options for that as well. Paid add-ons include weapon unlocks, different colored bullets and a season pass that grants access to the game's forthcoming expansions. Oh, and dropping $10 on that opens up the game's soundtrack and a dynamic (read: moving) theme for your PlayStation 4. For a refresher of what it all looks like in action, peep the video embedded below.

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