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The next 'Lost in Space' reboot starts on Netflix in 2018

'Star Trek' isn't the only classic sci-fi hitting a streaming service.

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Paul A. Hebert/Invision/AP

Netflix optioned Lost in Space late last November, and we finally have a few more details about when we'll see it. The classic -- and short-lived -- sci-fi reboot is currently slated for a 10 episode run and will premiere in 2018, according to Deadline's sources. The report goes on to say that the series shouldn't stray too far from original creator Irwin Allen's original: The Robinson family (neither the Classic or the Matt LeBlanc version) will find themselves, you guessed it, lost in space with them "battling a strange new alien environment and also their own personal demons."

That sounds a little bit darker than the source material, but hey, the villainous Dr. Smith never really seemed like much of a threat before. If you want to catch up on the production hell that numerous resurrection attempts have faced, check out the Deadline link below. For a more historical look at the original series, try this io9 piece on for size.

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