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Verizon will reward customers for referring new subscribers

If you know a few friends who need phones they may be good for a $50 spot.

Need a little extra pocket money? Is Verizon your cell phone carrier? You might be able to hit the company up for a little boost in your cash flow then, provided you bring a few new customers along with you.

Starting today, Verizon will begin rewarding its current customers for utilizing posts on social media networks like Facebook or Twitter to refer family and friends. You can earn up to $100 in Visa rewards cards this way, with $25 for 1 referral, $50 for two and $100 for three or more. Unfortunately it doesn't keep stacking, but the new customers will also receive a $50 Visa rewards card after signing up as well.

If you're interested in signing up for the program, you'll need to head to the special Verizon page set up for referrals here and follow the prompts on the page to ensure you both get your moola. There's one catch, though: The rewards cards won't be sent to either party until the new account has been active for 45 days.

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