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Gather your 'Red Dead Redemption' posse to ride on Xbox One

The game's multiplayer expansions are free, but you'll have to buy 'Undead Nightmare.'

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Need a break from Overwatch, or, if you're lucky, the Battlefield 1 alpha? Well, if you're an Xbox One owner, you should definitely check out the newly backwards-compatible Red Dead Redemption. If you still have your Xbox 360 disc hanging around, simply pop it in and download the update and you're good to go. Folks who own the game digitally can simply download it from the "my games and apps" section. Same with the Undead Nightmare story expansion pack.

A post on the Rockstar Newswire notes that all versions of the game will work with the Xbox One, and that if you missed Undead Nightmare the first time you can grab that from the Xbox marketplace for $10. The multiplayer expansions adding new skins and the like are free, however. Xbox Live Gold subscribers can get the base game on sale for $3 off the normal $10.49 price at the moment. It's time to saddle up, y'all.

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