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Google will help you register to vote in the November election

Search results will include detailed info for each state.
Billy Steele
07.15.16 in Internet

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Scott Olson/Getty Images

Google is no stranger to lending a hand with voter registration, and ahead of the November election in the US, the company is helping once again. Starting Monday, when you search "register to vote," the results will includes details on the process, what's required and the deadline to complete the sign-up. Each state is different, so if you need to browse the guidelines for another location, there's a handy drop-down that allows you to make that change. Google confirmed to Engadget that the tool will be available at the start of next week.

With the upcoming Democratic and Republican National Conventions, Google will provide information on those events as well. When you search for either party's convention, you'll get a schedule of the proceedings, nominee details, summary of the event itself, list of speakers and a collection of related social media posts and YouTube's livestream videos. Monday marks the start of the RNC (July 18th), a four-day lineup of speakers and platform discussions that culminates with the formal nomination of a presidential candidate on Thursday in Cleveland. The DNC follows a similar agenda the next week in Philadelphia, running July 25th through the 28th. There are a number of ways to watch both, including streams on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and more.

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