Take a look at how 'No Man's Sky' handles combat

Curious about what 'fantasy violence' means? Wait no more.


    In the almost three years since we first saw No Man's Sky, gameplay videos and previews have focused mostly on its exploration and survival aspects. Now, mere weeks ahead of its PlayStation 4 launch, we're getting a better look at how the game earns its "fantasy violence" descriptor from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. The clip embedded above focuses on combat not only in outer space against armadas of ships, but also the various procedurally generated (and dangerous) creatures on the planets you'll galavant around.

    It's the second in a four-part series, with clips for the game's trading and survival aspects coming next week and the following. Keeping the videos on repeat is certainly one way to make the wait for August 9th feel a little shorter, but I can't say that I recommend doing so.

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