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Firefox for iOS just received a slew of new updates

Tab recovery, website-specific search and more are among the recently-added features.

Firefox has rolled out some brand new features for its iOS browser, including the ability to add website-specific search engines and tab recovery.

First off, the browser is now speedier than before, with a 40% reduction in CPU usage and 30% reduction in memory usage noted in the latest version of Firefox for iOS. You might appreciate that extra speed when it comes to the next feature, which sounds pretty darn useful: the ability to search any website within the address bar.

For instance, you could add in eBay or Wikipedia and search straight from the browser's address bar without ever leaving the page you're currently on. You can head to a website with its own search box, tap on the magnifying glass, and add it to your (growing) list of search engines.

There's also a new menu with easier navigation, as well as the ability to recover tabs you closed on accident. If you're someone who likes to stick with your favorites, you'll also be able to set your favorite page as your homepage and return there by pressing the "home" button.

You can download Firefox for iOS and try out these features right now if you're so inclined.

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