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Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 battery woes attributed to software

If you were concerned about your Surface Pro 3, this might come as great news.
Jin Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 has had a fairly significant issue that the company had yet to officially comment on, until now. The company has finally come forward with a statement, and it looks like the problem that's causing some Surface Pro 3 units to suffer from reduced battery life is actually software-based.

According to Greg, a forum moderator on the official Microsoft forums, the team has "isolated" the problem to a limited number of customers. The company has confirmed there are no issues with the batteries themselves and are "working through the details" on how to deliver a software-based fix.

Additional information on how the fix will be shared to Surface Pro 3 users with battery issues will be posted on the forums as it becomes available. This likely comes as a great surprise for buyers who were previously concerned their devices may be permanently damaged, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully Microsoft is spot on about the issue so it can be resolved in an expedient manner.

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