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Pandora and Ticketfly joining forces for personalized events

If you already use both services, this should be a pretty convenient partnership for you.

If you rely on Pandora to discover new music, you may soon be looking to the service to also offer tickets for the same artists you unearthed there. Pandora and Ticketfly are joining together to offer personalized events based on the artists you listen to.

You won't have to do the legwork when it comes to finding out which artists are coming near you to perform live music. With Ticketfly's help, Pandora will be able to offer personalized concert recommendations, send reminders for shows when they're announced and grant easier access to tickets. If you receive a notification that your favorite band is playing somewhere near you, you'll be able to just tap to purchase tickets to the show.

There will also be email digests sent out with this information to ensure you can keep track of what's going on in the world of your favorite artists. If you're a serial Pandora music discovery addict, you might consider trying out the new integration with Ticketfly to figure out what events you're hitting up in the future.

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