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'Quantum Break' reaches Steam on September 14th

Remedy's time-bending game won't be confined to the Windows Store on PCs.

When Microsoft vowed that it would resume releasing games on Steam, it wasn't making an idle promise. Microsoft and Remedy have announced that Quantum Break will reach Steam on September 14th for $40. You won't get anything special for your patience (just all the updates released since launch), but that's not the point -- the big deal is that you won't have to shop at the Windows Store to get a PC copy. If you were worried that Microsoft would use Windows Store exclusives as part of a bid to dictate the future of PC gaming, you can relax.

If you are looking for something special that day, you're in luck. Remedy will also be launching a Timeless Collector's Edition of the game in retail stores that includes a physical copy as well as a making-of Blu-ray disc, a making-of book, the soundtrack on CD and two posters. The odds are that you bought the game months ago if you're a big Quantum Break fan, but hey -- this is a good way to either show your appreciation or avoid a massive download.

Quantum Break: Timeless Collector's Edition

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