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Spotify revamps its kids category to help with early learning

"Kids and Family" encourages parents to talk, read and sing along with young children.

Spotify already had a variety of content for young listeners, but with the help of educational initiatives Too Small to Fail and Vroom, the streaming service has revised that lineup. The newly revamped "Kids and Family" category features playlists that focus on daytime routines, activities and more. There are options for playtime, bedtime and traveling, just to name a few. Between songs, a collection of celebrities provide tips for other activities to further help build vocabulary. Voice prompts will feature Fantasia, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Wiz Khalifa, Tyler Perry, Juanes, Diego Torres, Busy Philipps and more.

Those tips may suggest parents make up their own silly lyrics to a song or create a unique dance to the rhythm. What's more, the new playlists and these ideas that pop up between songs are available in both English and Spanish. Spotify plans to continue building its content library for parents, caregivers and younger listeners by working with the likes of Univision, the GRAMMY Museum, Save the Music, Fatherly, The Bump, Carnegie Hall, Gerber and other organizations on themed playlists and more. To give you an idea of what you can expect from the revised lineup, check out the embedded playlist down below.

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