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Limited edition 'Rez Infinite' includes the vinyl album it deserves

A gorgeous vinyl album with a 48-page retrospective book are the main draws.

Much like the game itself, Rez Infinite is being released in a very unorthodox manner. Alongside a digital launch and physical copies, iam8bit is publishing a special edition with a vinyl soundtrack, special T-shirts, and collectible pins all included.

If you're going to choose a game to make your publishing debut with, as iam8bit is doing here, you couldn't do much better than Rez Infinite, a PS4 port of the cult classic Rez, originally released on the Dreamcast in 2001.

After being transplanted to the PlayStation 2 in 2002, it amassed a cult following with its unique mix of on-rails shooter action and thumping electronic beats. Rez Infinite is being remade for PlayStation VR, which should take an already unique experience and transform it into something positively transcendental, combining an excellent soundtrack with trippy visuals and audio that syncs to your actions in-game.

The physical edition of Rez Infinite comes with the vinyl soundtrack mentioned above with the retrospective booklet sewn right into the two LPs and bonus 7" cover. Complete with quotes and lore straight from creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi himself, it's a custom-made tome that should offer a good amount of insight into the game and the history behind it.

There's also two T-shirts included, with one designed by Fez creator Phil Fish, with a few collectible pins round things out. It does, however, lack the Trance Vibrator that was bundled with a Japan-only collector's edition years ago. We can dream, though. The game arrives on October 13th -- right alongside PlayStation VR. Fall can't get here quickly enough.

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