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Image credit: NASA

Watch astronauts install a space taxi dock on the ISS

The mission starts at 8:05 AM Eastern.

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Boeing and SpaceX are working on manned spacecraft that will send astronauts to the International Space Station as early as 2017, but before that happens, they need a place to dock. Crew aboard the space station are about to install the first of two international docking adapters that will let the taxis link up to the station. The six hour-plus mission, being livestreamed by NASA starting soon at 8:05 AM EST, will be performed by astronauts Kate Rubins and Jeff Williams, with a big mechanical assist from the Candarm2.

Yesterday, the Canadian Space Agency's mechanical arm extracted the new dock from SpaceX's Dragon capsule and placed it close to the mating port. After the crew dock is depressurized, Rubins and Williams will connect the port to the station, install cables and prepare it to receive the new manned spacecraft. If all goes well, the installation should take under 6.5 hours -- to watch, check out the video below or go to NASA Live for more information.

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