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Watch the trailer for Apple Music's Cash Money documentary

It's the story of a rapid, perilous rise to fame.

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Andy Kropa/Getty Images

Wondering what Apple's Cash Money documentary will look like? You can already get a peek today. Apple has posted a trailer for the feature, The Cash Money Story: Before Anythang, that gives you a sense of what to expect from the Apple Music exclusive. The minute-long clip suggests that the feature won't pull too many punches just because label founders Birdman and Slim are executive producers -- it illustrates an early life punctuated by a mix of runaway success and tragedy.

You'll still have to wait until the fall to watch the full thing, and it's not certain whether or not this doc is a hint of future collaborations between Apple and Cash Money artists like Drake (who already had a temporary exclusive) or Nicki Minaj. We certainly wouldn't rule it out at a time when Apple has to compete with Spotify for both your eyes and your ears.

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