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Google expands 'Sheep View' project with Trekker cameras

Humans with camera-equipped backpacks, kayaks and wheelbarrows are joining the Faroe Island herd.

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Without the presence of Google, Faroe Island residents had to rely on camera-equipped sheep to provide 360 degree "Sheep View" images of the bucolic isle. While that's adorable, digital tourists probably want to see more than just areas with the most delicious grass. Luckily, Google heard about their plight, and decided to give the burdened quadrupeds a hand with its Street View camera loan program.

The search giant flew in Trekker and 360 cameras, and an employee helped residents install them on trucks, bikes, backpacks, kayaks, horses and even wheelbarrows, according to Google's (sheep pun-laden) blog post. The Faroe Islands tourism office is even willing to lend cameras to visitors who want to make their own contribution. Sure, it's a good PR trick to draw tourists, but the scenery is spectacular -- and it'd be nice to have smoother videos that don't make us "sheep-sick."

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