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Bjork avatar appears in London via Icelandic mocap

Technology "is enabling women to work outside hierarchical systems," she says.

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Björk is continuing her "Vulnicura" exhibition at London, but the fact that she's in Iceland didn't stop her from appearing at Somerset House cultural center. In glorious Björk fashion, she beamed into the press conference as a colorful digital avatar to take questions alongside Somerset Director Jonathan Reekie. Meanwhile, she was back at the Icelandic Media College in Reykjavik wearing a motion capture suit, with her movements transferred to the Avatar digitally via Autodesk and Unity tech.

The avatar, a multi-hued, veil- and ribbon-bedecked digital embodiment of the singer, will also appear in a fifth VR Vulnicura video for "Family" directed by Andrew Thomas Huang. On Facebook, Björk explains that "technology is enabling women to work outside the already formed hierarchical systems ... VR is helping [me to make] a new stage free of politics where sound and vision is swirling free in 360, fully liberated."

She adds the heartbreaking stories in Vulnicura were difficult to tell, so virtual reality was the perfect way of "2016-ing it." Suffice to say, if you love technology and art, the "Björk Digital" exhibition, coming to cities around the US and Europe, is a can't-miss.

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