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Image credit: REUTERS/Charles Platiau

Epson and DJI team up for POV drone goggles

Because flying a UAV is way better in first person.
REUTERS/Charles Platiau

Phantom owners will soon be able to pilot their drones with a fresh perspective -- that of the UAV itself. DJI and Epson announced on Thursday that they are teaming up. Together, they'll expand DJI's SDK to allow Epson's Moverio BT-300 AR glasses to integrate with DJI's Phantom, Matrice and Inspire lines of remote-controlled flyers.

DJI plans to optimize its DJI GO app to work with the Moverio glasses, which will simultaneously provide a first person view of what the drone's camera sees as well as allow the pilot to maintain a direct line of sight with the UAV itself. That way, you'll know exactly how close your Phantom 4 is to a tree without actually putting it into said tree. This partnership will also grant the Moverio BT-300's DJI certification so you'll be able to pick up a pair at the drone maker's website throughout the holiday season.

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