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Text 'Call Me Maybe' to your crush with Genius Lyric Messages

Just make sure Run the Jewels' 'Love Again' doesn't go to your mom or dad.

Genius is where the internet turns for rap lyrics (mostly) and song annotations, and tomorrow you'll be able to send those to your pals without leaving iMessage. The way the press release describes it, the process sounds fairly simple. And even a bit GBoard-like with its card structure. "Users can create Genius Lyric Messages for any song available on Genius, regardless of artist, genre, language, year or chart popularity," the press release reads. From there you can customize the card's background image and send it to whoever you want, be it via iMessage or your preferred social apps. Don't use iMessage? You can send lyrics from within the iOS-exclusive (for now) Genius app itself.

This wouldn't be possible had Apple kept iMessage a closed ecosystem. But with tomorrow's impending iOS 10 update, that's all set to change. Just try your best to not accidentally shoot Grandma a selfie with the lyrics to Snoop Dogg's "Ain't No Fun" laid over the top. Trust me.

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