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Augmented reality puts clothes on near-naked models

This technology definitely isn't safe for work.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
09.19.16 in Art

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Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

There have certainly been attempts at using augmented reality to help choose your wardrobe, but never quite like this. Internet retailer Lyst marked the start of London Fashion Week by using AR to clothe near-naked models in a shop window -- effectively, they were living mannequins. You only had to point a phone or tablet at the models to see what they would look like donning some athletic wear or a formal dress, no matter the pose or the viewing angle.

Was this a publicity stunt? Absolutely. However, Lyst suggests that the underlying tech could be very helpful for real shopping. You could get a 360-degree view of clothes as you'd actually wear them, rather than settle for static photos or visit a physical store to try something on. If all goes well, you'd increase the chances of getting the exact look you're aiming for... and save yourself the hassle of a return.

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