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How To Buy The Perfect Laptop Bag

Igor Syunin, @igorsyunin

Laptops are almost ubiquitous around the world, and everyone needs a way to carry their valuable computer. But what makes the perfect laptop bag? They are available in many different types, and you will see this huge variety in town most days. Laptop bags need to carry many different bits and pieces as well as the computer. They might often hold a tablet as well, and the cables and chargers for both devices, and maybe a small camera, some books, documents, and even a sandwich. And maybe an umbrella too.

When you want to pack this much into a bag and be able to carry it around to all sorts of meetings in all weathers, you want to be sure that you have something that will not only survive more than a couple of weeks - it needs to look good for all occasions.

It's true that black is a classic color that works with pretty much anything, but think about how top quality leather looks and feels. A leather laptop bag is hard-wearing and classy, and available in black if you like - but many people prefer more natural leather styles.

Backpacks and messenger bags have their places in certain situations. They are comfortable and convenient, but they don't cover all bases like a quality leather bag can. From hanging out in the local cafe to making your pitch to a CEO, a leather laptop bag looks good - it just fits in. It can be casual or businesslike since it matches with your jeans or your best suit.

Some people think spending maybe $300 or more on a bag is crazy, but if you sit down and work out the numbers, it does make sense. Pick a quality leather bag and it should easily last more than ten years. At that length of time, a $300 bag costs $30 per year or less than $3 per month.

Carrying an ordinary bag every day of the week will soon produce scuffs, scratches, and other kinds of wear. The fastenings become less reliable too. The whole thing just ends up looking untidy. So a cheap bag needs replacing more often. The nice thing about a leather bag is that it ages gracefully, like a piece of furniture picking up a patina showing its years of use. The leather just seems to absorb the day-to-day use, and the bag gains a personality of its own.

For the customer who really values quality and style, the perfect laptop bag is made of leather, has the capacity to hold everything they need, and is not going to fall apart after a month or two. Attention to quality should extend to the fastenings as well - buckles and zippers need to be very solid to survive for many years to come.

leather laptop bag

Your laptop is a valuable tool which helps you communicate around the world as well as with those closer to you. Protecting this investment makes good sense - a bag is one of the first accessories to buy for a laptop. Spend your money wisely on the perfect laptop bag, and you will not need to buy another one for a very long time.

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