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Oculus' Touch controllers priced at £190 in the UK

Motion controls for the Oculus Rift won't come cheap.

If you still haven't figured out why the Oculus Rift sells for a solid $200 less than HTC's Vive, let this be the final word: it's the motion controllers. According to a display in a GAME store in the UK (found by our very own Nick Summers), Oculus' virtual reality motion controllers will retail for £190, or just over $200 after deducting local UK taxes. That's expensive, but not at all unexpected -- if that price holds across the pond, it puts the cost of a room-scale Oculus Rift kit on equal ground with HTC's $800 Vive.

As daunting as that total price is, it's sort of the going rate for immersive, room-scale VR. We're still in first generation of high-end consumer virtual reality, and first-gen hardware is always expensive. Even so, we've reached out to Oculus for confirmation on the listed UK price and if the $200 projection will carry over to the US market -- but don't expect a forthcoming revelation. The company is probably holding that announcement for Oculus Connect, next month.

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