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Amazon's Handmade store comes to Europe

Browse over 30,000 items made by artisans in more than 40 countries.
Matt Brian, @m4tt
09.22.16 in Internet

Amazon has become home to millions of products over the years, but hand-crafted items weren't something you'd typically come across. That changed late last year when the online retailer launched its Handmade store in the US, giving artisan-goods company Etsy a run for its money in the process. Now, that same store has come to Europe, launching today in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Amazon says that customers across Europe can now shop for over 30,000 "genuinely handcrafted items" on its new store, with more being added every day. Those "factory-free" products range from baby gifts to jewelry and also include lots of interior decorations and artwork. Oh, and if you're after furniture, there's also a small selection of tables, chairs and cupboards to choose from.

The store features artisans from over 40 European countries and Amazon will invite you to learn more about its makers from time to time. Like Etsy, artisans are invited to create a storefront or profile, which tells you about them, their inspirations and how their products are made.

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