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Apple's $120M patent victory over Samsung reinstated on appeal

And around we go...

Once again, the tables have turned in the Apple vs. Samsung patent saga. Back in February, a US circuit appeals court overturned the $120 million victory awarded to Apple way back in 2014, claiming that Samsung didn't infringe on patents for swipe to unlock and an quick-link feature that turns information like addresses or phone numbers into links. But here we are six months later, with a different federal appeals court reinstating the case's first decision awarding $120 million to Apple.

In an 8-3 decision, the new judicial panel found that the three judges presiding over the first appeal acted incorrectly by taking information into account that wasn't in the first trial and ruling on issues never brought up on appeal, according to The Verge. But by reinstating the case's first ruling, they also maintained that Apple pay Samsung $158,400 in damages for infringing on a video and gallery patent.


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