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Delta's RFID luggage tracking system now includes a map view

Stop wondering if your bag made that tight connection.

Delta's new RFID luggage tags rolled out earlier this year, making it harder for at least one airline to lose your bags. Now, just in time for the holiday travel rush, Delta has already upgraded their baggage tracking system to include a up-to-the-minute map view of a bag's journey.

84 of Delta's largest destinations in the US already have RFID tracking installed and the airline says all domestic stations will now be able update the "first-of-its-kind" map view in its Fly Delta mobile app. Because the tracking is based on RFID tags and scanner checkpoints placed throughout each airport, travelers won't actually see the bag's exact location, but they will get a map pin for each checkpoint the bag has passed, plus the last time it was tagged by the system. Tapping each pin will bring up even more information about each location the bag has passed. While it is not exactly a realtime GPS view, it's still a big improvement over the old system: staring out the window, watching the baggage handlers and wondering if your bag made that tight connection.

According to Delta, push notifications for luggage will also be coming to the app later this year, so users won't even need to open it to check on their bag's status. The Fly Delta app is currently available for iOS and Android.

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