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Alton Brown's internet cooking show will be a 'Good Eats' sequel

It's foodie TV without corporate restrictions.

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Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

Do you miss Alton Brown's classic cooking show Good Eats? You're about to get more of it... and then some. In a live chat with fans, Brown has revealed that his previously hinted-at internet cooking show will be a spiritual sequel to Good Eats, but without the corporate limits that kept him from cooking certain meals or exploring techniques while on TV. He may cook rabbit, for example, or work with sous vides -- those just weren't options on the Food Network, Brown says.

As a sign of the change in direction, the chef spent most of his chat soliciting ideas from fans. You could see him cooking with only a microwave, trying Hawaiian food or making poutine. He even floated the idea of making a Brunswick stew with squirrel meat. The internet-only show won't debut until sometime in 2017, but it's already evident that Brown plans to take full advantage of his online freedom -- this won't be sanitized for the sake of nervous broadcasters.

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