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Twitch will show you more (but higher-quality) ads

The streaming video service is hosting ads itself, increasing the quantity while eliminating hitches.

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Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Like it or not, Twitch is about to make it harder to escape ads... but you might not mind it as much as you think. It's introducing SureStream video technology that has Twitch hosting ads itself, saving it from having to insert promos from third-party sources. This will increase the chances that you see ads during a stream, especially if you use ad blocking software. Sorry, folks, you'll probably have no choice but to subscribe if you want to guarantee uninterrupted viewing. There will be some upshots if you do have to sit through commercials, though.

As Twitch won't have to rely on outside ads nearly as often, you should see fewer freezes and other technical problems stemming from the switch to and from third-party providers. Twitch will also have greater control over the quality of the ads you see: you should get more consistent volume levels, higher overall visual quality and quicker removals of "problematic" (read: glitchy) spots. And of course, partnered streamers should get a "more reliable" source of income. If you can't justify a subscription, you can at least find some comfort in knowing that your favorite streamers could receive more ad money.

SureStream starts rolling out today, and should reach everyone sometime in the "coming months." Twitch isn't shy about its underlying goals -- this will ideally "attract and retain" advertisers worried that they might not reach you, and help serve more ads overall. However, the streaming giant is clearly betting that the reduced anguish when you do see ads will make up the difference, or at least soften the blow.

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