Twitch rolls out video uploads, clip editing on iOS and Android

The livestreaming platform is also delivering HTML5 streaming for all and more video quality options.

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While Amazon-linked Prime features are the big news out of TwitchCon, the livestreaming service is bringing some long-promised new features to users. Starting today, users can upload videos directly to Twitch. That means streamers can apply their video editing and production skills to archived clips for their audiences, without having to take them somewhere else, like YouTube Gaming. The feature was announced at TwitchCon last year, but at least it's here now in beta form.
Uploaded videos will stick around "indefinitely" instead of expiring, and will notify followers just like new broadcasts. While streamers will surely appreciate that, on the viewing end we're also looking forward to its HTML5 player being available to everyone. Another new tweak is the ability for viewers to easily create video highlight clips from within the Twitch iOS or Android mobile app. Check below for a full list of things announced during today's keynote speech.

Twitch Keynote Announcements:

  • Uploads: Any user can upload videos to Twitch for anyone to watch. Streamers may also download past streams and use the footage to create and upload on demand videos for their viewers to watch whenever they want.
  • Clips on mobile: Viewers on iOS and Android can create and share clips from live streams and videos directly within the Twitch app.
  • Transcodes: Video quality options will begin rolling out to even more streamers so viewers with all levels of Internet speeds can view streams seamlessly. Video quality options will be automatically applied based on a channel's expected viewership.
  • Curse Voice and Twitch integration: Users of Curse Voice and Twitch may link their accounts to access all global and non-global emotes from Twitch on Curse Voice. As an added bonus, Curse Voice users will also get a Twitch-themed color customization option on the client.
  • HTML5: HTML5 is now available to ALL Twitch users.

    Coming in October 2016:
  • Clip trimming: Allows viewers to more accurately capture the perfect moment by adjusting the start and end time of their clip.
  • Loyalty subscription badges: Viewers can soon show the extent of their loyalty to a Partner and Partners will be able to reward subscribers accordingly with custom chat badges based on length of a subscription. Badge tiers for one, three, six, 12, and 24 month subscriptions will be available to Partners for design.
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