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Xbox Insider Program opens its previews to everyone

It's not just a handful of fans who get a peek at Microsoft's gaming future.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
11.08.16 in AV

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The Xbox Preview Program has been helpful for gamers who want to see the future of Microsoft's console software before it's finished, but Microsoft thinks it can do better. It's renaming the offering to the Xbox Insider Program, and instituting key changes both to the software as well as availability. For most people, the biggest change is simply who can access the program -- it'll "soon" be open to anyone with an Xbox. Access to system updates is still limited to those already participating, but that won't preclude you from getting sneak peeks for apps and games so long as you meet qualifications (such as your region or tenure in the program).

You should notice more than a few changes in the Preview Dashboard, too. There's a new user interface (based on the current Xbox One UI) that helps you find info and provide more detailed feedback. Also, it's much more personalized: you should see more relevant news and chances at early access. There's an Insider profile card that highlights your efforts, and multiple users can finally offer feedback from one console. Finally, your roommate won't be left out of the loop.

The Insider Program software changes start arriving today, although you'll have to be one of the most active contributors to be part of the first wave. Everyone enrolled in the program should see the updates within the next few weeks.

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