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Twitter acquihires a new VP of product focused on connections

Newly-acquired Yes Inc.'s social apps included wyd and Frenzy.

The latest update in Twitter's executive shuffle is the arrival of a new VP of Product, Keith Coleman. The ex-Googler arrives by way of acquisition, as Twitter is absorbing his company, Yes, Inc. and shutting down its apps wyd and Frenzy. No, we've never used those either, but they have the usual modern look with lots of stickers and emoji. The apps were about connecting with friends either locally (Frenzy) or remotely (wyd - What You Doing).

Lately, Facebook has been lifting features from Snapchat and it wouldn't surprise me if Twitter started doing the same thing to attract more users. wyd , especially, has a familiar look, but so far there's little indication of what is in the works. In a blog post, the Yes team says it's "excited to bring our efforts to connecting the world at a huge scale." Finally, following an all-too-familiar trend, Coleman doesn't appear to be a prolific Twitter user, with only 143 tweets. Hopefully, that doesn't get in the way of further developing the company's services, but it also probably won't bring Vine back.

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