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Runkeeper uses Apple Watch GPS to keep track of your route

If you have the latest model of the wearable, of course.
Billy Steele

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Apple Watch Series 2 arrived with two notable updates: waterproofing and built-in GPS. Even though the popular jogging app has been letting users run without their iPhone since last fall, Runkeeper now tasks the wearable's own GPS for better tracking of your routes. An update to the company's Apple Watch software takes advantage of the built-in feature for "richer stats" and a detailed map you can view on your phone.

Runkeeper's Apple Watch app also gains a customizable activity screen so you can choose what's on the wearable's display during your workout. One of those stats is a new heart-rate graph that shows your BPM over the last five minutes. There's also a target pace graph that plots out a five-minute snapshot of your run compared to a speed goal you input before you get started.

For updates during your run, the app will alert you with a vibration each time to you log a mile. To give the latest version of Runkeeper a go, download it from the App Store and lace up your sneakers. Keep in mind that in order to take advantage of the added GPS abilities, you'll need to have an Apple Watch Series 2.

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