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Make your space fortune in 'Astroneer' on December 16th

Shape the terrain, collect resources and build bases to survive, then thrive.
Jamie Rigg, @jmerigg
12.09.16 in AV

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If you felt a little let down by No Man's Sky, perhaps Astroneer can restore your faith in procedurally generated universes. System Era's space exploration game is finally nearing completion, and will be released on Steam Early Access, as well as Xbox One and Windows 10 Game Preview, on December 16th. The title actually has a lot in common with No Man's Sky, apart from the third-person viewpoint reminiscent of Lifeless Planet. You are an explorer out to make your fortune, but to do that you must hunt down the resources required to build vehicles, bases and conduct research needed first for survival, then for prosperity.

Luckily, you have one invaluable tool at your disposal to conquer the many unforgiving and diverse worlds you'll find yourself on -- the ability to manipulate the terrain as you wish. You can build mountains and just as easily level them, create bridges across vast canyons and dig up long-lost ships to further your goal. You won't have to Mark Watney your way through the harsh storms tearing across the somewhat lo-fi landscapes, though. Instead, you'll be able to recruit up to three other explorers in co-operative multiplayer to survive the final frontier together.

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