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Facebook gives you basic access to Moments photos on the web

You don't have to use your phone to view more than one shared photo album.

Facebook's Moments photo sharing service has, for the most part, been a mobile-only affair. You could see individual Moments thanks to links, but you couldn't just go browsing. However, you no longer have to turn to your phone for almost everything. In the wake of tests, Facebook is introducing a basic web version of Moments that lets you browse a collection of private photo albums. You can't add photos, create slideshows or even comment, but it beats having to fire up the Android or iOS app just to revisit a memory.

It's not clear why the web version is limited. With that said, our TechCrunch colleagues point out that Moments on the web goes out of its way to promote the mobile app. This may be as much about advertising as it is offering a convenience to people who can't always reach for their phones. Still, it's useful -- and when the previous photo-syncing feature isn't an option, it could be particularly important for some users.

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